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What Does Our Multi-Author Book Fee Cover and What Are the Benefits?

Glad you asked! The multi-author book program is fun, interactive, and comprehensive, but it’s not free. Below, we outline what the fee covers, but first, we want to provide a little more context about why most of our authors sign on and what they get out of it. 


Many of our authors join the program because they want to leverage the book to boost their business, raise their profile as a leader or establish their authority on a particular subject, book more speaking events or podcast interviews, launch their writing careers, or simply share some of their most life-changing moments. Writing a chapter in a multi-author book can definitely help you do all of these things and more!


There are also some big intangible benefits that come from signing on to this program. Most of our participants tell us they experienced tremendous personal growth and gained self-confidence through the process of writing their chapter. 


Here’s what a few of our past multi-author book participants had to say about the experience: 


“I've wanted to write a book my whole life. I can never seem to get started. But this FORCES you to start and finish and then gives you the confidence to DO IT AGAIN!”


“My biggest win is that it got me out of my fear space to talk more confidently about myself and what I've been through. Not as afraid to show up and be the face of my new business venture.”


“This process was huge for my personal growth and I wouldn't take anything for the experience.”


“So WORTH it. Worth every penny… These women's stories will heal hearts and change lives for as long as this book is in print. I will venture to say that this book will SAVE a life or two. LOVE YOU ALL. Thank you for creating a life-changing experience for us all.”


Our team of experts at Sulit Press is dedicated to producing high-quality books and helping authors reach their full potential.


Here is what the multi-author fee includes: 


  • Eight weeks of coaching to help you write and edit a great chapter (these sessions are recorded in case you can't meet at the assigned time)

  • Professional editing and feedback to make your chapter shine

  • Proofreading from a certified proofreader

  • Cover design 

  • Interior formatting

  • Uploading the book to Amazon and IngramSpark for wider distribution (includes SEO, keywords, and category selections)

  • Connection with the network of other amazing authors in the book who will launch the book to their audiences too

  • Complete graphics kit for marketing the book

  • Author one-sheet with your image and bio to help you land podcasts and speaking gigs

  • Complete email launch sequence for launching the book

  • Social media training and timeline for suggested posts

  • Coaching on how to leverage the book to reach your personal goals

  • The outcome of being published in ninety days (instead of years!)

  • Invitation to our private Slack channel, where you'll have access to our team and can connect with and learn from the other authors


There is a huge upside to participating in the multi-author program, but if you’re still not sure if it’s right for you, reach out to us directly!

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