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Stuck in a Rut or Just Starting Out? Here's Why You Might Need a Writing Coach for Your Non-Fiction

Did you know something like 97% of people who start writing a book never actually finish it? I don’t want to scare you, but that’s a whopping big number of people abandoning their hopes and dreams.

Even the best writers get stuck from time to time. Especially with non-fiction, where the goal is to share knowledge, inspire change, and make a lasting impact on readers. For some, it’s because they haven’t fully fleshed out the larger purpose or even the outline of their manuscript before they start writing. For others, it’s because uncertainty or doubt about what they’re writing and how it will be received stunts their creative process. With time, it snowballs into this insurmountable block they can’t get past. Now, here’s the part where I tell you it doesn’t have to be this way.

Enter…the book coach!

A book coach, sometimes called a writing coach or author mentor, is a trusted companion that guides you through the creative process to help ensure you finish and unlock your full potential. A book coach is there with you throughout the writing process, offering invaluable support, expertise and hand-holding…like a guiding light or guardian angel or ray of effing sunshine.

Yes, you can hire a book coach midway through a project, when you know you’re in trouble, but it’s better to hire a book coach at the beginning of your project. While it might feel like an unnecessary expense, a book coach can actually save you money—and time—in the long run.

Hiring a book coach up front means you’ll be spending less on editing, easily the most expensive part of book publishing, down the road.

In this post, we'll explore all the reasons you might benefit from hiring a coach to guide you through the process of creating a non-fiction book.

Here’s What a Good Book Coach Can Do for You

Clarify your vision

Non-fiction books often stem from a passion to share expertise, insights, and experiences. A book coach can help you clarify your vision so that your message is clear and aligned with your target audience’s needs.

Provide a structured framework

Non-fiction books thrive on a clear and organized structure. A book coach can help you develop a coherent outline that flows logically, conveys your ideas effectively, and engages readers from start to finish.

Offer research guidance

In-depth research is a cornerstone of non-fiction writing. A good writing coach can guide you in conducting your research, identifying credible sources, and weaving the findings seamlessly into your narrative.

Craft engaging writing

Non-fiction books should captivate readers just as much as fiction. Author coaches can provide guidance on when to insert narratives, case studies, and real-life examples to illustrate your points and maintain reader interest.

Identify your target audience

Understanding who you are writing your book for is crucial for non-fiction success. A good coach can help you tailor your content so that it is aligned with your target audience’s preferences, challenges, and expectations.

Sharpen your writing

Non-fiction writing requires the right amount of clarity, conciseness, and persuasive language. A book coach can teach you effective writing techniques to strengthen introductions, or “hooks,” ensure you’re using active voice, showing not telling when it’s appropriate, and a whole lot more that you’ve probably never even heard of.

Provide personalized feedback as you go

Constructive feedback is vital for refining your work, but most people don’t get it until they hire an editor after they’ve already spent months and months on their manuscript. They finish their first draft only to be told by an editor there is still much more work to be done. Having a writing coach throughout the process means you’re getting feedback and crafting your best work as you go, so you’ll know when your manuscript is ready for showtime.

Ensure accountability

There is just something about hiring a book coach that makes people stick to their goals. Writer’s block can happen to anyone, even non-fiction authors (especially non-fiction authors). A book coach can share techniques and exercises to overcome writer’s block or even just provide that little extra nudge you need to push through procrastination.

Maximize your impact

For all of us writing non-fiction, the goal is to have a meaningful impact on our readers. A book coach can help ensure you’re crafting a compelling narrative that resonates with readers and inspires change.

In a world hungry for knowledge and transformative ideas, a non-fiction book coach is your ally in creating a book that stands out from all the rest. A book coach can elevate your work and enable you to share your valuable insights with the world, ensuring your non-fiction manuscript reaches its full potential. Whether you're a first-time author or a seasoned expert, why not reach for the sky?

Need help completing your manuscript? We offer small-group author coaching through our Manuscript Mastermind program. Through a rolling enrollment process, we take care to curate groups of authors who have clear writing goals, are committed to seeing this through, and will bring the most value to their group.

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