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What is a multi-author book?

Contributing to a multi-author book is not only the quickest way to get published, but it's also a fun and collaborative process that includes eight weeks of coaching!

As a seamless, all-inclusive publishing experience: 

  • Your chapter will be professionally edited and proofread.

  • Our team handles the cover design 

  • Flawless interior formatting 

  • Receive book-branded promotional materials for you to share with your audience  


Also, thanks to the multiplier effect, multi-author books have an excellent chance of becoming Amazon best-sellers!


Of course, another powerful and unexpected benefit of joining a multi-author book project is the connections you make with the other authors in your group. Get ready to meet a bunch of like-minded, high-vibe people like yourself who are eager to network, collaborate, and write an outstanding book with you.

Once you publish with Sulit, you're part of the Sulit Circle, an ongoing author support network that will help you connect with other professionals, continue your book leveraging education - for FREE - , get discounts on all the good stuff, and make lifelong friendships!

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Is a multi-author book right for you?

Multi-author books are for ambitious entrepreneurs with big goals who are ready to make a personal connection with their audience and for those ready to make the dream of becoming an author a reality.


Sharing your story boosts your influence and makes you instantly news-worthy, which is especially great if you'd like to keep your roster full of ideal clients and be invited to speak on bigger stages. 

What does it include?

Eight weeks of group coaching—this includes nuanced writing instruction, Book Marketing 101, and coaching on how to personally leverage your chapter to help create what's next for you. 


Getting published in a high-quality book that is beautifully designed, formatted, and edited by industry professionals in just a few short months!


A complete media kit, including email templates, social media graphics, a professional one-sheet and bio, and guidance for marketing yourself across many platforms.


Book distribution on Amazon and IngramSpark for optimal reach online and in print (available to be sold in stores and stocked in libraries)!


The satisfaction of knowing that 100% of the royalties will be donated to a non-profit connected with your book.

Read more about what you get and what your multi-author book fee covers

Current multi-author book opportunities:

Got a Light?
Conversations with Strangers That Sparked
Meaningful Connections and Unexpected Revelations

Coaching begins June 27, 2024

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Investment to join:  $3,500 USD

Ask about payment plans.

Ready for your writing adventure? Apply for a chapter spot below. 

This book is perfect for:  anyone who has a memoir style story about a chance encounter that changed the course of their life. Unexpected kindness, advice, or adventures all qualify as the foundation for a good tale! What is your most meaningful stranger story?

Current opprtunties

How does the  Multi-Author Book Program work?





Apply online to be a chapter author for one of our book projects. To enroll, just fill out the application, click add to cart, and purchase your spot. It's that simple!

Write your chapter. (Don't worry, we'll help you!) As soon as you're accepted into the author program, you'll gain access to our virtual eight-week group coaching program, where you'll meet the other authors in your book!

Turn your chapter in by the deadline, and tell everyone you know you've written a chapter in a forthcoming book!

Promote the book by sharing it with your friends, both online and off!

Leverage your book to grow your career or business! We'll teach you how to use your new status as a published author to take a giant leap toward your next-level goals. 

"Books change the lives of the readers who read them. They also change the lives of the authors who write them."

-Chandler Bolt

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