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Concierge Publishing Package

Congratulations on completing your manuscript. Now let's get that book published!

Writing a book is a great accomplishment, and it's a valuable tool for helping you reach your big-vision goals! 

Our Concierge Publishing Package is our premier book publishing service for people with a completed non-fiction or memoir manuscript. 

This package is designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, change-makers, and other busy professionals who are invested in publishing a high-quality, polished book.

You’ll receive high-touch support from start to finish, to ensure your book gets the reach it deserves. We'll show you how to position your book for maximum impact, build an audience of enthusiastic readers, and leverage your current network to sell your book and open doors to new opportunities!

Concierge Publishing Package

How does publishing work with Sulit Press?

For a polished final printing of your book, it takes detailed editing and proofreading, professional formatting, and a cover that stops readers in their tracks.


For a successful launch, you'll need a plan, and we've got you covered!

Our Concierge Publishing Package:

  • starts with an author questionnaire 

  • a sixty-minute discovery call

  • you'll receive your Welcome Packet, which includes -

    • your project timeline,

    • writing guide,

    • cover design style guide,

    • and marketing workbook.


Once we get all of the details finalized and arrange your payment, we get right to work! We begin editing and preparing the content for publishing—with focused coaching and fine-tuning. We also begin your marketing, finalize your cover, and format the interior pages. When we say we mind the details, we mean all 1,001 of them!

Pastel Pen_edited_edited_edited.png

Here's what you'll get in our
Concierge Publishing Package

Project Setup & Support


Editing, Design & Publishing


Marketing & Promotion

Project setup and support throughout the project

☑️ Author questionnaire and sixty-minute discovery call to get to know you and your goals for your book


☑️ Custom project timeline


☑️ One-on-one coaching calls to help you publish and market a best-selling book

☑️ Full manuscript evaluation to outline strengths and any areas of concern

Editing, design, and publishing expertise

☑️ Professional book editing (line editing)


☑️ Professional proofreading


☑️ Cover design and interior book formatting


☑️ Publication on Amazon and IngramSpark for unlimited distribution


☑️ SEO optimization on Amazon for optimal reach 


☑️ Advanced Reader PDF provided to capture early reviews


☑️ ISBN numbers for each version of your book

Marketing essentials to make your book sell

☑️ Five-email launch sequence templates


☑️ Ten custom social media posts and graphics tailored for your book launch and other milestones

☑️ Promotion on our website 

☑️ Author media kit, including bio and one-sheet

☑️ Marketing emails to our distribution list and everywhere we promote our titles

Image by Asal Lotfi

The total investment for the entire

Concierge Publishing Package


 $14,000 USD

We also offer a payment plan that can be customized to your project.

Ready to get started?


We know every author is unique, and every book project has a life of its own. The best way to feel sure about how this will work and what kind of expert services you'll receive is to reach out!

Fill out our super simple contact form to get the conversation started.

How do I know if this is right for me?

If you...

If you've been looking at a ton of publishing options and wondering who is going to actually DO what they SAY they will do, you've found your publisher.

If you want feedback and guidance to make your book look polished and professional, you've found your publisher.

If you want certified professional editing, a pro-book launch that will give you every chance to become a bestseller, and a fun and joy-filled work experience, you've found your publisher.

Fine Print Upfront

It's important to understand the details upfront. Here are some answers to the big questions.

**All pricing listed above is subject to change based on the length of your book, how much support you desire, and any additional time or service add-ons you select. **

Royalty Structure and Distribution

Sulit Press will provide you with a unique ISBN number for each format of your book (print or digital). Royalties are distributed twice annually in a 70/30 split (70% for authors, 30% for Sulit Press). Rather than printing a warehouse full of books, we print on demand simultaneously through Amazon KDP and IngramSpark. This gives you the widest distribution and gives bookstores and libraries access to your book. Royalties will be paid to authors twice annually.

We are a non-fiction publishing house with a focus on (but not limited to) the following genres:

  • Business development

  • Personal growth

  • Spirituality

  • Memoire/Personal essays

  • Health and wellness

  • Industry-specific guides


Don’t see your genre listed here? Contact us to see if we’re a good fit!

Note: We reserve the right to decline any book project without explanation.

accepting manuscripts

Are you accepting manuscripts?

The short answer is YES! 

If you have a completed manuscript (or think you have a completed manuscript) and want to receive a FREE author evaluation to see if you're a fit for Sulit Press, complete our manuscript submission form. We will respond to your inquiry within five business days because who wants to wait?!

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