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About Sulit Press

We believe everyone has a story worth telling.

At Sulit Press, we believe everyone has a valuable story worth telling, and it’s our job to make the process so enjoyable and successful for our authors that it’s also a damn good deal. (Sulit means something that’s “worth it,” or a good deal.)


Just think—a single book has the power to change the lives of many. Whether it’s educational, entertaining, inspiring, hilarious, or makes someone feel less alone, sharing your story is an important way to expand your influence while making an impact

We're Different

We are what is known in the industry as a hybrid publisher. This means that you as the author pay for our services, and in exchange, we work for you. This is the opposite of traditional publishers, who acquire a select few manuscripts and cover the cost of publishing them in exchange for paying lower royalty rates. We pride ourselves on being a reputable publisher, and as such, we adhere to the publishing standards set forth by the Independent Book Publishers Association. 


We truly want to help shape and market the books we take on! Because our company culture extends beyond our team to the authors we serve, we are selective about the authors we choose to work with. Our typical clients are successful entrepreneurs, business owners, change-makers, leaders, and aspiring authors writing non-fiction or memoir. Our authors operate from the understanding that as rewarding as it is to make a few clams directly from book sales, the indirect benefits of writing a book are far more fruitful.

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We're not just about signing you up for our program, we're here to help you win at whatever you'd like to accomplish with your book.
Once you publish with us... you're in the Sulit Circle where you'll receive
benefits galore!

Meet the Founder

Michelle Savage is an international best-selling author and book editor who’s spent the last decade doing two main things:  1) Helping authors write and edit their books and 2) Creating marketing copy and sales strategies to help authors and entrepreneurs, across a broad range of industries, build an engaged audience.


From her experience of walking authors through the publishing process with other publishing houses, Michelle discovered a gaping hole in the market—finding publishers who care enough about their authors to provide a cohesive publishing process and deliver on their promises. Sulit Press was born from Michelle’s desire to create a boutique publishing space that offers personalized support through every step and invests deeply in the success of every single author.

As the founder of Sulit Press, a hybrid publishing house based in Austin, TX, Michelle helps busy execs, founders, business owners, coaches, writers, and other go-getters make the leap from aspiring authors to published authors in half the time it takes to go it alone - while ensuring exceptional quality and results. She believes everyone has a story worth telling and she thrives on helping them tell it well.

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