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Completing a manuscript is a challenging process. Whether you've tried and quit a hundred times or this is your first attempt, you don't have to go it alone. We devised this author coaching program to help you create your best manuscript! 

Our Manuscript Mastermind offers personalized book coaching from an expert mentor who will help you map a clear plan, navigate roadblocks (and writer's block!), and teach you how to write your book in an engaging and meaningful way. 

With our author coaching program, you'll also have the support of the other authors in your cohort to help you stay on track, be accountable, and get inspired!  

How Does Our Author Book Coaching Work?


We offer book coaching to help you get your non-fiction or memoir manuscript completed. During our six months together, we'll begin with individual one-hour discovery calls, and then we'll meet twice monthly for ninety minutes as a group. The coaching sessions are designed to honestly assess where you are (no judgment!), answer your burning questions (all of them), and present techniques and solutions to help you write your very best manuscript. In between our calls, you can connect with us and the other authors through our private chat room. 

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Author Coaching Program FAQs

Q - Do I have to know what I want to write about?

A - Nope! If you're bouncing between ideas, we'll help you get crystal clear on which topic is the right one for you.

Q - What if I have a partially written manuscript?

A - That's fantastic! We'll meet you where you are and help you across the finish line.


Q - What if something comes up and I have to drop out?

A - While we are serious about keeping the groups small and your group will depend on your active participation, we know that things come up. We ask that you give us thirty days' notice before you leave. 

Q - What if I can't complete my manuscript in six months? 

A - You may still have some writing to do after our coaching sessions conclude, and that's okay! You will already have a clear map of where you're going and will have the momentum you need to finish, and you'll still have access to your group's Slack channel. 


Q - What if I still need help after my six months of coaching is over?

A - If you are signed up for book coaching only, you are welcome to schedule an Author Jam Session with your mentor, which is a two-hour 1-2-1 intensive that costs $575.


Q - What if I have to miss a live session? 

A - While you'll certainly be missed, every session will be recorded. We encourage you to watch the recording and reach out in the Slack channel to add any thoughts about what was covered or to ask questions. 

Interested in a session?

Fill out our super simple contact form to get the conversation started.

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